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Who We Are

Slate Ridge Presbyterian Church traces its origin to about the year 1747 when a group of Scottish Irish settlers, firm believers in their Protestant faith and education, established a church at the junction of Muddy Creek and Scot's Run, not far from what is now the Village of Bryansville, PA. Members of this Log Church in the Barrens walked, rode horseback or came in wagons, buggies, or carriages from a wide area of southern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. In approximately 1750 this group became organized as Slate Ridge Presbyterian Church, with Reverend Eleazer Whittlesey as their pastor. As membership increased and distance became a problem other Presbyterian churches were established -- Chanceford 1751; New Harmony 1849; Slateville 1849; Pine Grove 1857; and Highland 1890. These five consider Slate Ridge as their mother church.

When the Log Church of the Barrens burned, a second building was erected three miles farther south in Maryland. The third, fourth, and fifth buildings were located in or near Slate Ridge Cemetery in Delta, PA. In September 1893, the cornerstone for the present building in Cardiff, MD was laid.

From 1750 to 1951 a total of eleven ministers were installed at Slate Ridge, with two of these serving over forty years. Since 1951 nine ministers have pastored the congregation. Several Slate Ridge members are descendants of the earlier ministers.

Slate Ridge contributes directly to local causes and through the Donegal Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly helps with benevolent work throughout the world.

Through many years of political, social and technological change, Slate Ridge continues to stand as a testimony to the faith of the early settlers, and the courage and hope of all who have followed their example of Christian belief and worship.

Log Church in the Barrens
The Log Church In The Barrens was established in 1747

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